mykase - Time Entry

time entry

Never miss a second of billable time!

For every practice there are multiple matters and task where it is imperative to monitor the time spent. Manual timekeeping is prone to errors and compromise. A time recorder which can be accessed easily is an optimal solution.

Multiple timers on myKase make time entry logging across matters a breeze.Track time quickly and easily using the mobile or desktop apps.

  • Use the prominently displayed time recorder to calculate the time spent according to user, matter, task and projects and conveniently manage your workflow and billing.
  • Launch the timer and it will record time in the background, whether you’re reading emails, drafting letters, or answering phone calls.
  • myKase system enables you to quickly enter time using timer, bypassing the need to go through extra steps such as opening the matter
  • Produce quick and up-to-date reports from all of the time entries across the firm.
  • Review and edit the time entries as required
  • Enter time manually

time entry